Service Contract

When you decide that you would like to have a ChurchInsight site for your church or organisation, we will send you a Service Contract. This forms the basis of our agreement with you, and a copy should be signed and returned to us.

Service Start Date

We will agree with you the launch date that we are aiming for, and this will be your Service Start Date. As a guide we normally allow for the implementation process to take 6 weeks, but this may differ depending on circumstances. Subscription fees will be payable from the Service Start Date, and not the day that your web site actually goes live (i.e. the day that your domain name points to a ChurchInsight site).  

So if your site is ready earlier than the Service Start date then we can launch your site earlier, similarly if delays occur in getting content ready and you would like to postpone the site launch then we can agree a new launch date. However (unless the delay in implementation is caused by us), subscription fees will still be payable from the agreed Service Start Date. Hopefully this gives you an incentive to launch early!

The subscription fees

  We will agree with you the subscription fees, according to our current price list. If the number of users is unknown or poorly defined we may estimate a price for new users. We review our prices on an annual basis (using the calendar year), and will send out amended price schedules to your Service Contract at the end of each year.

Terms and Conditions

  The Service Contract will refer to our standard Terms and Conditions of Service.